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The Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational, welcoming church that blends the vibrant faith of the historic Christian creeds with a sympathetic and discerning approach to culture.

Vocation, Gratitude, and Joy - Don't Be Afraid, given on Sunday, August 5 at by Rev. Donnell Wyche.

Join us at Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor at 9:30am or 11:15am.


Vocation must be understood as a calling that originates from an understanding of God, who created you, loves you, takes joy in you, and desires good things for you. So vocation is never about a blueprint that you have to get right or you’ll ruin your whole life. Vocation is never a list of specific tasks you have to complete and if you miss one, you have irrevocably ruined the plans. Vocation, meaning, and worth, are not taken away from you if you feel you have disappointed, struggled, or missed the mark. We miss the meaning of vocation if we do not understand that our vocations emerge from within us.


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