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The Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational, welcoming church that blends the vibrant faith of the historic Christian creeds with a sympathetic and discerning approach to culture.

Sunday, April 26, 2015 :: Luke 5:1-11 :: Speaker: Donnell Wyche 


For this series, we will hang out with Simon in Luke 5:1-11, who later becomes Peter, as he and others have powerful encounters with the living God who reveals that we aren’t who we think we are. As we wrestle with this series, we are having a blast getting to know Peter, as revealed in scripture, he’s quite a character. He is the only other fully formed character in the Gospels next to Jesus. He was the first to be called by name. We find him passionate, yet very genuine. By following Peter through all his ups and downs, bad choices and good ones, his authenticity, his realization of who he really was, we get to know and understand Jesus and ourselves too. This gets us started on our own journey of self-discovery, which intersects with a good and beautiful God who sees us, accepts us, loves us, and forgives us.

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