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The Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational, welcoming church that blends the vibrant faith of the historic Christian creeds with a sympathetic and discerning approach to culture.

Advent #2 - Forgiveness Produces Peace :: Pastor Donnell Wyche, December 6, 2015

Saint Paul, the reformed new testament church planter writing to the church in Rome calls us to try to live in peace with each other (Romans 12:14-19).

In all of this, there is an implicit recognition that we don't already live in peace with each other. This is tragic. Theologians, seminarians, and pastors all have answers for this reality. For many, the simple answer is sin. We are all sinners and that's why we don't live in peace with each other. Of course they are correct in their assessment, but I think it's an incomplete assessment of the problem.

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