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The Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor is a growing multi-ethnic, multi-generational, welcoming church that blends the vibrant faith of the historic Christian creeds with a sympathetic and discerning approach to culture.

Advent #4 - Love - Forgiveness: Love’s Litmus Test :: Pastor Donnell Wyche, December 20, 2015

Jesus has something to say to us about our enemies, those who hurt and harm us, something that at first blush seems so utterly laughable, so ridiculous, so out of left-field, many of us just flat-out ignore him. (Luke 6:27-31)

Implicit in the command to "love your enemies" is the command to forgive them as well.

Forgiveness for many of us can feel like it's entirely in the domain of God. Only God is able to forgive his enemies, certainly not us. When we enter into the text and we hear Jesus says, "Love your enemies," our first thought might be, "Okay, well, exactly who is my enemy?" We offer this objection because when we are hurt, we try to figure out the limits of our call to forgiveness. Is there anyone I can withhold forgiveness from?

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